Homegrown sprouts - that`s how it`s done

Growing sprouts on the windowsill is quite simple Self-grown sprouts simply taste better than... more

Homegrown sprouts - that`s how it`s done

Growing sprouts on the windowsill is quite simple

Self-grown sprouts simply taste better than bought ones, are cheaper and healthier and, above all, really fresh. And all this without needing your own garden.

Growing sprouts inhouse is child`s play. It works best with the Eschenfelder sprouting jars, but you can also grow the sprouts in bags, germination trays, sprouting machines or simply in homemade small bowls.

  1. Rinse the seeds thoroughly and soak them in water overnight in a (sprouting) glass. Drain the soaking water the next morning and rinse the seeds thoroughly.
  2. To prevent the sprouts from getting moldy, they must be rinsed thoroughly with fresh water twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening. Make sure that you drain the water completely and then put the glass upsidedown so that all water can drain off.
  3. It is important to rinse twice a day, otherwise bacteria and moulds will form which are not only unappetizing but can also be harmful to health.
    The advantage of growing sprouts in the glass is that you can store the grown sprouts in the refrigerator. However, you also have to rinse or water them daily.
  4. To use them, simply shake the desired amount of sprouts out of the glass, rinse thoroughly again (like other vegetables or salads) and then process / consume.
  5. If the sprouting glasses are empty, it is best to put them in the dishwasher.

Sprouting jars are not suitable for germinating slime-forming seeds and grasses. A germ dish with a perforated bottom, where the water can run off downwards, is better.

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